Fleshlight and Alternative Male Masturbators

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For quite a long time I’ve been struggling to choose a perfect masturbator. Having thoroughly studied the current offers on the male masturbators market, I’ve opted for Fleshlight products. Surely, you are free to initiate your own search, if you want. However, the efforts may prove futile as it is highly probable that you will come to the same conclusions. That is exactly why I decided to make this top list – to save your time.

Naturally, I’ve not included all the products existing on the market. For this top I tried to choose the most viable options in terms of price and number of customer reviews, as well as products that I use personally.

Later in the article I will explain why I opted for Fleshlight. I’ll also give practical advice on how to use it best. This masturbator line is not very expensive, although it boasts excellent quality and a wide selection of textures. The Fleshlight male masturbators are easy to clean and hide, they require little care and are convenient for regular use.

Trust me, you’ve never experienced such a range of feelings before! I have personally reviewed some of the best picks available on the market to highlight top toys for beginners as well as for experienced joy hunters. While choosing the best item can be pretty daunting (especially for beginners), I’ve saved you some time and picked top 3 items with different textures, which translates to wide range of new feelings.

I have picked 3 very affordable textured male masturbators. The Stamina Training Unit costs only $69.95 and features a super-tight design for intense masturbation. The next place is taken by Stoya Destroya priced at $69,95. You will definitely enjoy its narrow design with ribbed canals. The third place (and due respect) go to another Fleshlight product – the Riley Reid Utopia masturbator for $69,95. Its main advantage is very tight penetration.

#1 Stamina Training Unit

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Popularity: Very High
#2 Stoya Destroya

Check Price on Fleshlight.com
Popularity: Very High
#3 Riley Reid Utopia

Check Price on Fleshlight.com
Popularity: Very High

Let’s Choose Our First Male Masturbator!

As I have already mentioned before, your feelings and experience will totally depend on the intimate product type. Newbies may find it confusing to choose from a growing variety of types and configurations. To put ease on the process, I decided to sort all the available categories for you.

1. Stamina Training Unit – The Best Product for Beginners!

The Fleshlight products are well-known for their exceptional quality. The Stamina Training Unit is one of the greatest male masturbators. It costs less than $70. The main advantage is that this Fleshlight item helps men last longer. After using it for some time, you’ll be able to do your best when it comes to sexual entertainment with either a real girl or a sex toy.

Stamina Training Unit

Price: $69.95 on Fleshlight.com

It is a perfect pick for newbies craving for more sensations. The unit comes with a flexible case that can be used with the STU model as well as with other sex toys. The sleeve has been growing in popularity and eventually turned into one of the best-selling products on the market.

Premature ejaculation is no longer a problem! With Fleshlight STU, you will get sexual strength and stamina after several sessions with the masturbator. That was the initial idea behind the series.

This is what makes Stamina Training Unit so special for beginners. By the way, you can get it for only $69.95 buy using this Fleshlight coupon. Its specialization does not mean you will feel less intense emotions or satisfaction compared to other models. The orgasm is unforgettable. What is more, there are dozens of real-life examples of people who have drastically improved their sexual endurance with the help of this sex toy.

STU (Stamina Training Unit ) will provide:

  • amazing sexual emotions;
  • qualitative coating;
  • nice price;
  • bestseller for beginners;

2. Stoya Destroya – Excellent Masturbator Experienced Men!

Exciting masturbator for male pleasure will give you new sensations. It will be an incredible pleasure – you will enjoy using this intimate toy. This product is the most popular of this type of goods. Touch this soft material that feels like real smooth skin.

Stoya Destroya

Price: $69.95 on Fleshlight.com

This item has an unusual internal texture with different convex parts and some narrow holes. It is done for more stimulation and will be a good choice for those who love tight penetration. The price is also good – many clients find Fleshlight goods quite affordable. You can use this coupon to get 5% off your order on fleshlight.com.

Stoya Destroya is about:

  • good price, excellent material;
  • tight hole;
  • real life material coating;
  • unusual texture with different additions inside;

3. Riley Reid Utopia – Get Wonderful Realistic Orgasms!

This sleeve may look similar to the previous one thanks to the set of repeating patterns, but it turns out to be rather different in practice. The entrance to this model is tight, but once you get through that short area, you’ll start experiencing some pretty intense sensations from the unique structures inside.

Riley Reid Utopia

Price: $69,95 on Fleshlight.com

If you like the average size of the labia and the narrow hole, then this model will be a good choice. Its soft material ensures more pleasant insertion, but you’ll need to use a lubricant, of course. This hole is an exact copy of the porn actress’ vagina; this girl has many adult films in her portfolio.

Riley Reid features:

  • copy of a real vagina;
  • good price for this product;
  • tight penetration;
  • realistic coating;
  • perfect emotions;

4. Turbo Thrust

The model claims to provide 100% deep throat experience. Well, I do believe some of you already had a real BJ experience to compare it with the feelings delivered by the Turbo Fleshlight. On the other hand, thinking of my dick stuck down someone’s real throat makes me sick. This is where this particular masturbator might appear to be a good alternative.

Turbo Thrust

Price: $62.95 on Fleshlight.com

Available in several variations, Turbo Thrust is one of the most popular sex toys for men. It comes in a blue-tinted clear Ice material to let you watch what’s going on inside the product. Its see-through case certainly adds some excitement to the process. The key feature of this toy is accurate imitation of oral sex, as you have probably understood.

Turbo Thrust has been declared to be the best and most satisfying alternative to real oral sex according to customers’ reviews. Good news is that it does not actually look like a real mouth without the head. That would be a nightmare without any chance for penetration, wouldn’t it?

The device features three entry points with cutout areas, and then comes the sleeve texture where all the pleasure begins. Each of your pass-throughs can be seen in case you get excited by closely watching the process.

5. Launch Collection for Satisfaction

This one is certainly a must-have on my list. Although it does not look like a typical Fleshlight, the device is packed with modern technologies to provide ultimate hands-free satisfaction. It brings sexual experience to a new level. This is why it is so popular among men.

Launch Collection for Satisfaction

Price: $199.95 on Fleshlight.com

The process is both simple and amazing. Simply grab any of your favorite items and attach it to the device. Use some lubricants and do what you always do to get horny. You can choose from various modes and settings to meet your preferences. Try several modes, speeds or angles to pick the best option.

The price is the only drawback. It is higher if compared to other Fleshlights from our list. But it is certainly worth spending a couple of hundreds.

Launch Collection has such features:

  • Different modes;
  • Hands-free experience;
  • A bit too expensive;

6. Kiiroo Onyx 2

The model introduces the latest technological updates used in masturbators. It offers a traditional 2D penetration experience in addition to its award-winning VR functionality for maximum involvement. The toy has enhanced connectivity opportunities to go online and keep in touch with your partner over the Global Web.

Kiiroo Onyx 2

Price: $199 on Kiiroo.com

With Kiiroo Onyx 2 you can either go online to contact other people or immerse into the overwhelming VR and 2D masturbating experience. The model was developed using the latest technologies letting users connect to interactive online video games and use the toy while playing.

Do you feel like it is not enough? You can connect your Onyx2 to other masturbators and devices produced by Kiiroo. Make sure both toys can receive remote signals and get involved in the most unbelievable sexual adventure with your partner remotely.

Exclusive features of Kiiroo Onyx 2:

  • VR functionality;
  • 2D penetration experience;
  • Online connectivity with other toys;
  • High-end masturbating technologies;
  • Varies masturbating sensations;
  • Digital connectivity and online presence;
  • Hard to use for beginners;
  • A bit too pricy;

7. Kiiroo Titan

Kiiroo Titan has become extremely popular due to intense vibrations and high-end technology it delivers. The model is the flagship of the Kiiro top-notch line featuring 9 different bullet masturbators. Titan is the best bet in case you need to boost your sexual stamina and endurance in the bedroom.

Kiiroo Titan

Price: $149 on Kiiroo.com

Titan differs from all traditional male vibrators you have ever tried. It features great technological functionality of enhanced VR-based digital experience. Online connectivity features make it easy for the users to connect several Kiiro masturbators remotely and get in touch with other users online.

The toy comes with a diverse collection of interactive media files with more than 4,000 videos and movies. Traditional 2D experience will be a good choice for real masturbation gurus while VR experience will meet the likes of the most demanding users.

Kiiroo Titan provides:

  • Develops sexual stamina;
  • Online connectivity and VR-based technologies;
  • Enhanced multimedia collection with up to 4,000 movies;
  • Compatible with other Kiiro devices from the series;
  • Premium-class masturbator;
  • Newbies may find the settings a bit confusing;
  • Not for users with limited budgets;

8. Ice Lady

Ice Lady is the #1 choice for thousands of men engaged in sex toys fun. Numerous reviews put Fleshlight on the top of the hottest male sex toys. Would you like to know why?

Ice Lady

Price: $69.95 on Fleshlight.com

The Ice Lady series consists of a unique collection of see-through items available in various modifications. Everything you get from the masturbator feels 100% real, including:

  • Smell;
  • Taste;
  • Visual sensations;
  • Orgasm;

What can be better than watching yourself thrusting deep inside the vagina and then cum? It is unbelievable!

The Ice Lady series features three general modifications. They include the Lady, the Pure and the Butt. Choose the one to meet your preferences and set for an amazing sexual journey whenever you want:

  • The Butt model imitates anal sex, as you can judge by its name;
  • The Lady modification is the imitation of the traditional vagina;
  • The Pure provides a full specter of sexual experience and feelings;

All three variations feature sleeves with the same texture. The main difference lies beneath their entries.

Made of a so-called Super Skin material, these toys feature a see-through case for those who are eager to enjoy a closer look. Transparent sleeves may have different textures for any type of sexual satisfaction.

The collection includes a set of models for middle and large-sized penises. You will hardly have a problem with accommodating your dick inside the sleeve despite its size.

9. Flight Series

If you are an experienced Fleshlight user, this series certainly deserves to be among your favs. The portable collection was designed for those on the go. The line includes three different variations:

  • The Pilot;
  • The Instructor;
  • The Aviator;

Flight Series

Price: $45,95 on Fleshlight.com

Each type comes with extra sleeve textures to make you lose your head. The collection will be the best match for men with average-sized penises.

10. The Classic Series

These types gave birth to all sex toys we can enjoy today. Some might consider them bland or simplistic. As for me, I think they deserve some attention, as they are really cost-effective and deliver a great level of satisfaction.

The Classic Series

Check the price for these items on Fleshlight.com

Classic items are available in various modifications imitating blowjob, anal sex, vaginas, etc. They feature a slick and gentle texture inside the sleeve to ensure gentle penetration. Classic sex toys can be as good as an old pair of shoes you like most of all.

11. Qucikshot Fast-Shooting Collection

These little bastards come as a more affordable alternative to traditional toys. The reason for such cost-effectiveness is the fact they are not full-sized masturbators. These models are generally smaller and have a different structure.

Qucikshot Fast-Shooting Collection

Price: $67,90 on Fleshlight

Unlike standard Fleshlights, the Quickshot series has an open-end sleeve with a solid ring casing inside to ensure fast shooting. A good option for those who do not have much time for games and crave for a fast result. Another great benefit of the collection is that all the toys are very easy to clean.

12. TENGA Zero Flip Hole

Are you a real gadget geek looking for the most exclusive masturbating experience? This model might do the trick. It represents the latest technologies used for unique sensations. It can be good for both newbies and real pros. Easy to use and innovative, TENGA Zero Flip Hole delivers up to 5 different functions to meet even the highest requirements!

TENGA Zero Flip Hole

Price: $224.99 on Lovehoney.com

Do not miss your chance to experience the latest masturbating technologies in addition to a wide range of textures delivered by this new-gen masturbator. It is very easy to use. The model opens like a book. All you need is to apply any of your preferable lubricants, close the device, and stick your cock inside.

The model has 5 different modes and functions. They will let you experience a bunch of different sensations. Once you have plugged your penis in, the device will start vibrating. The further you plunge, the more sensations you feel.

Exclusive features of TENGA Zero Flip Hole:

  • 5 different vibrating options;
  • Compatible with any water lubricant;
  • Innovative high-end masturbator;
  • A variety of fixtures and functions;
  • Easy to use and clean;
  • Not for every budget;

13. TENGA Flip Hole

TENGA Flip Hole boasts probably one of the most innovative designs a masturbator can deliver. The toy comes with several textures and manual control to fine-tune. Six control buttons enable a comprehensive setting to meet your preferences and whims.

TENGA Flip Hole

Price: $89.99 on Lovehoney.com

This innovative model incorporates multiple asymmetric textures that deliver a range of sensations out of the box. The user can set the preferable pressure along the shaft and benefit from waves of pleasure ranging from subtle sucking to a real-life sleeve experience.

You will find three buttons from each side of the masturbator. Each button refers to a particular mode. Use them to enable any of the available textures depending on your personal penetration habits and preferences. The package includes special lubricants compatible with the three major masturbation modes: Mild, Rear and Wild. Experiment with the modes to find your perfect option.

Features of TENGA Flip Hole:

  • A range of textures and penetration modes;
  • 6 buttons to enable textures and modes;
  • 2 extra lubricants;
  • Three pressure odes for the customizable masturbating experience;
  • Good for newbies;
  • Super soft materials;
  • Selection of textures;
  • Easy to clean;
  • A bit heavier than you might expect;
  • Difficult to figure out from the start;

14. Zhang Xiao Yu

The masturbator claims to deliver the most realistic vaginal experience. Easy to clean and great for beginners, It ensures the real-life skin feel both inside and outside the masturbator. Designed to provide a 100% real copy of Zhang Xiao Yu, a popular Chinese nude model, it lets the users have a real “taste” of the top ranking model’s pussy.

Zhang Xiao Yu

Price: $119.99 on Lovehoney.com

The model ensures deep satisfaction thanks to its canal featuring detailed textures that makes you feel like entering a real pussy. The double-layered masturbator is designed using advanced technologies blended with the Skin Feel high-quality materials.

The users can benefit from an overwhelming suction experience and higher friction brought by the innovative materials used inside of the pussy. The model boasts several stimulating zones with the pink color of the insides to ensure the most realistic experience.

Zhang Xiao Yu can boast such features:

  • Three stimulating zones for harder penetration;
  • Realistic copy of the Chinese top-ranking nude model Zhang Xiao Yu’s pussy;
  • Easy to clean and great for beginners;
  • Made of waterproof materials, great for underwater masturbating;
  • High-level of sensitivity due to high-quality materials;
  • A bit too pricy.

15. THRUST Pro Elite Mega

Have you ever dreamt of a full-service high-end masturbator with everything you might need during the penetration? Give a warm welcome to THRUST Pro Elite Mega Masturbator that delivers all types of sleeve experience with ribbed textures. You will appreciate its realistic touch as well as the sensation of being inside the pussy or ass.

THRUST Pro Elite Mega

Price: $299.99 on Lovehoney.com

The masturbator is designed using realistic-feel TPE materials to provide real-life penetration experience. The toy is compatible with different medium size panties from the Lovehoney collection. It will certainly add some more thrill to your sex adventures.

Express your creativity with the twin entrance including vagina and ass imitations that feature ribbed textures and high-quality soft materials. Despite its complexity, the toy is very easy to use and clean.

THRUST Pro Elite Mega features:

  • Can be used with medium-sized panties;
  • Realist and soft materials;
  • Twin entry;
  • Amazing hands-free experience;
  • Stable when used on the surface;
  • Very expensive;
  • Big sizes. Needs a place for storage;

16. THRUST Pro Elite

The model has plenty of room for you to experiment with during your next sexual adventure. It delivers a twin entry featuring both vagina and ass real-live experience. Soft and realistic looking, the masturbator will take you on an unforgettable pussy and asshole ride.

THRUST Pro Elite

Price: $79.99 on Lovehoney.com

The masturbator introduces the 9m penetration classics with two major types of sensations. The ass imitation is excellent for those craving for tighter experience while traditional pussy imitation is good for masturbation right-wingers.

You’re free to implement any sexual entertainment you can think of. The model lets you perform the overwhelming masturbation solo as well as play together with the partner who might want to lend you a hand during penetration. It will certainly make the game even more thrilling.

Exclusive features THRUST Pro Elite:

  • Twin entry;
  • Soft and realistic TPE material;
  • Perfect for different play games;
  • Pleasant and soft when entering;
  • Versatile masturbating experience;
  • Easy to clean and use;
  • A bit straightforward;
  • No digital features;

17. Hot Octopuss Pulse III

Hot Octopuss Pulse III is another award-winning male toy from the popular line of advanced rechargeable masturbators. It boasts the compact size, which makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. At the same time, the device has several modes for extra sensations and the turbo mode to bring you to the wow-level almost instantly.

Hot Octopuss Pulse

Price: $119.99 on Lovehoney.com

Hot Octopuss Pulse III appears to be a revolutionary toy and the flagship of the entire Hot Octopuss masturbator series. It ensures 25% higher-intensity sensations thanks to its turbo mode. A great benefit is that you can easily use the toy with any case depending on your preferences and likes.

The toy guarantees extra sensations brought to you by the latest PulsePlat vibration technology. Easy setup will let you experience the vibration to its fullest or make it stand still for the most amazing no-hand experience. Can be used both alone or with the partner.

Why to choose Hot Octopuss Pulse III:

  • 5 vibrating modes;
  • 25% more sensation if compared to other toys from the Hot Octopuss series;
  • Compatible with any case;
  • Simple to carry;
  • Rechargeable function;
  • A bit too noisy;
  • Pricier than other masturbators from the series;

18. Vibro Toys with Dual Batteries

This collection will be another good choice if you are not bothered by the vibration noise.

Vibro Toys

Check The Price on Fleshlight.com

These items are equipped with special batteries to keep the toy vibrating all the time you need. The main feature of the model is the fact that it can be used as a separate toy or along with other Fleshlight products.

19. TENGA 3D Spiral

The model delivers extra sensations thanks to its unique ribbed texture. The masturbator boasts ergonomic design to make your cock feel good inside. TENGA 3D has certain inner dimensions to please users craving for a tighter experience. The stretchy texture is also a good point in favor of this sleeve toy hailing from Japan.

TENGA 3D Spiral

Price: $40.49 on Lovehoney.com

The 0.5-inch diameter masturbator is 4.5 inches long. Equipped with an ultra-ribbed texture, it ensures extra sensations for those who appreciate the tightest pussy experience. At the same time, its stretchy material still offers some relief during the penetration.

The unique texture features twisted waves inside the masturbator along its full length. Designed as a hexagon, it additionally boasts waved ridging on both sides to deliver the ultimate pussy experience. You can attach the ridges or leave them aside, if your penis needs some relief.

TENGA 3D Spiral will provide:

  • Can be used with various water lubricants;
  • Easily attached structure;
  • Designed in the shape of a hexagon;
  • Amazing ribbed texture;
  • Affordable price;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Easy to use and clean;

20. TENGA Egg Stepper

The Tenga Egg Stepper is one of a few male stimulators that add some variety to foreplay, handjob and blowjobs. If you are looking for a high-quality men’s sex toy under $13, this egg-shaped device will please you. It’s relatively cheap and disposable, keep that in mind.

TENGA Egg Stepper

Price: $12.99 on Lovehoney.com

The egg is made of silicone and is very stretchy. It is textured on the inside and each variety of the masturbator boasts a different texture. Even though the egg looks very small (about the size of a tangerine), it can stretch all the way down the penis shaft. The egg flipps inside-out so you can see the texture on the inside.

Tenga Egg Stepper features:

  • Good for water-based lubricant;
  • Includes a small sample of a lube;
  • Comes in a little plastic package;
  • Simple to clean;
  • Affordable;

21. Tracey Cox

If you require an intense penis stimulator without spending too much, this cup male masturbator is the perfect choice. Indulge yourself in its delightful vibrations. Such effect is achieved thanks to the lusciously textured sleeve. The sensations provided by this vibrator are deeply satisfying for achieving intense orgasms.

Tracey Cox

Price: $24.99 on Lovehoney.com

Designed to provide complete enjoyment during solo sessions, this vibrating masturbator is equipped with the suction feature to make you feel like inside a real vagina.

Tracey Cox will provide:

  • Easy-to-clean design;
  • Has a discreet black case for hiding;
  • The canal is firm and textured;
  • Extremely affordable;
  • Few speeds and intensity levels;

22. THRUST Full Force

Get your hands on this triple masturbator with the THRUST 6-piece toy kit. It even comes with a sex toy storage bag, a bullet vibe and powder to keep all 3 dream-beavers in pristine condition.

THRUST Full Force

Price: $74.99 on Lovehoney.com

It came with three artificial pussies, a storage bag, powder and even a bullet vibrator:

  • Abbie comes with a shell while the other two do not. Abbie also has the tightest opening and suction control;
  • Eva has a wider opening but is 5 inches shorter, although the canal is very realistic;
  • Chloe boasts the same length as Abbie and the same width as Eva, and is rib-textured;

The vibrator is also a nice addition to any male masturbator.

THRUST Full Force will provide:

  • 3 different pussies included;
  • Extra fun in bedroom;
  • Warming up device;
  • Provides a very realistic feel;

23. Doc Johnson

The innovative UR3 material feels just like flesh, and the tunnel is full of orgasmic textures to make every stroke better. The tight interior is lined with firm ridges and bumps for massaging the full penis length. The stretchy sleeve swallows the full length and girth of your penis for incredible sensations.

Doc Johnson

Price: $16.99 on Lovehoney.com

For the best experience, add some water-based lube. Infused with Doc Johnson’s Sil-A-Gel, this sleeve is hypoallergenic, hygienic, and has antibacterial properties that help to prolong its life.

Doc Jonhson will deliver such options:

  • Many ridges and textures in one device;
  • Ultra-realistic material;
  • Stretches to take your full size;
  • Very soft and comfortable;
  • Body-friendly, phthalate-free toy;
  • The design is not very realistic;
  • Affordable;

24. Sue Johanson

The Super Head Honcho is longer than the original and better than most contemporary male masturbators. The best feature is that is has new suction chambers. This clear Silicone masturbator is 6 inches of pure pleasure. This tight and stretchy stroker ensures wet and wild jerking.

Sue Johanson

Price: $24.99 on Lovehoney.com

The device has realistic and luscious pussy lips featuring plenty of intricate details to feel like the real thing. This male masturbator does not disappoint due to the closed end ribbed design.

The key features of Sue Johanson:

  • Looks not very realistic;
  • Made of silicone;
  • Compatible only with water-based lube;
  • Removable multi-speed vibrating bullet;
  • Soft and stretchy sleeve;
  • Ribbed exterior;
  • Easier grip;

25. Apollo Hydro Power

This super versatile Apollo Hydro Power masturbator combines a textured deep-throat sleeve with 30 vibration functions. It has a sturdy casing and a unique swiveling suction cup. This design delivers the most incredible sensations.

The travel-ready masturbator offers an unbelievable range of user options. An amazing assortment of pulsating and escalating vibration modes. The simple power interface is another reason to pay attention to this toy.

Apollo Hydro Power

Price: $69.99 on Lovehoney.com

30 vibration patterns and settings are a real overkill. I concede that some users might like the variety, but even with the “smart chip”, we found it rather tedious to go through all of them until we found the one we liked.

Apollo Hydro Power will provide:

  • Fully waterproof;
  • Safe, clean ABS plastic;
  • The design doesn’t resemble a vagina;
  • Not very realistic design;
  • Compatible with water and silicone based lubes;
  • Needs 4 AAA batteries;

In-depth Buying Guide

Men should feel a bit frustrated because sex toys for girls are dominating the market. This fact would limit the space for males to go wild and enjoy numerous orgasms if it was not for Fleshlights. Also known as pocket pussies, fake vaginas or men’s masturbators, they will change your life once and for all.

The price varies depending on the material, texture or design. The top list includes various types of male masturbators for any budget. I can guarantee one thing: no matter what kind you choose, it will bring genuinely new sensations.

You will also benefit from this comprehensive guide revealing all core issues on how to choose the best option in addition to detailed best-selling product descriptions, recommendations, reviews, etc. I am about to bring a new sexual revolution right to you! So, get ready!

Do not have the foggiest idea what a Fleshlight is?

You are either ashamed to admit you have already used it or really do not know what it is. Some may call those men’s toys pocket pussies. Others know them as fake vaginas or masturbators. It does not matter how you actually call them. Such goods have turned into one of the most popular sex products over the last few years

As a rule, they are made of high-quality materials that are:

  • Soft and gentle (safe for men’s gentle tissues);
  • Feel realistic (like diving deep into a 100% real vagina);
  • Boast an array of textures (to stimulate your cock while using the Fleshlight);

Masturbators for beginners are the best bet to obtain the necessary experience considering the range of models that differ in sizes and textures. You can choose from different sleeves that look and feel like different parts of female body such as mouth, anus or vagina to try various skyrocketing pleasures.

Fleshlight Girls Award-Winning Set

Are you a true pussy hunter? A single vagina is not enough for you? In this case, the Girls series is the best bet. It delivers plenty of textures and an endless selection of pussy imitations. By the way, most of the replicas are the exact copies of popular porn star vaginas that appear to be the inspiration for the series.

Fleshlight Girls

Check Price for All Girls Textures on Fleshlight.com

Each product comes with a unique actresses autograph. It can be a good present for a friend as well as a worthy piece in your own collection. The main benefit of the series is that all the sleeves are very realistic and make you feel like digging into a real pussy. Have you ever dreamt of being with a porn superstar? The Girls series will make your dream come true.

A Closer Look at Girls Collection textures

As I have already mentioned, Girls collection refers to most seductive and popular porn stars and nude models. You might be their most devoted fans, which makes the series even a better options. Each product is a signature toy that refers to a particular hot girl. Simply choose the one from a wide list of models for today’s entertainment.

Each toy comes with a specific type of sensation. I bet you would like to try all of them:

Riley Reid Utopia

Utopia is extremely popular with men seeking award-winning sex toys. Special pleasure pockets are the main feature of the Fleshlight combined with a brand-new coiled design. The ultimate orgasm is guaranteed. This orifice will take intimate pleasures to a new level.

Riley Reid Utopia texture

About the actress: Born in Miami, Florida, she has turned into the main industry’s sensation once she made her debut on the big screen. She is always ready to put on a great show in front of the camera and boasts multiple prestigious titles in addition to the AVN and XBIZ awards. Great shapes, amazing talent and desire to make her every new performance overwhelming – this is what makes her so special and worth trying.

STOYA Destroya

A so-called Destroya sensation will drive you crazy from the start. You will feel tight once you enter the sleeve. Three small rings at the entry will do the trick. The unmatched 360 degree stimulation is guaranteed thanks to piercing dome followed by the next chamber imitating her teeth. You will experience the most unforgettable BJ by one of the top porn models.

STOYA Destroya texture

About the actress: Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, Stoya was titled the America’s Sweetheart of Smut. She made a name for herself thanks to her self-confident manner that helps to break down even the toughest men. For this reason, her orifice is the best bet for those who are not afraid of female aggression. Get ready for a ride!

Madison Ivy Beyond

The name of the sensation speaks for itself. This one will take you beyond the imagination and pleasures. You will experience the unforgettable sex with one of the most popular actresses in the industry. Designed to imitate Ivy’s pussy as precisely as possible, the toy will be a good pick for experienced Fleshlight users who crave for more.

Madison Ivy Beyond texture

About the actress: One would hardly be surprised to know that Ivy hails from Germany. The motherland of blue movies brought us plenty of seductive girls on camera. But Ivy is certainly one of the hottest. She started shooting in 2008. That was the starting point of her exceptional career with a great success at XXX Entertainment.

She is rumored to be a pure nymphomaniac. In other words, Madison could not imagine another way instead of becoming the world’s most recognizable porn star. She has been titled EM Queen for several times in a row. This fact appeared to be the inspiration for designers who created her orgasmic orifice. Are you ready to take part in an endless EDM festival without leaving your apartment? So, grab this toy right now!

Eva Lovia Sugar

Sugar promises to deliver the sweetest and hottest sensation out of the box. It is a 100% precise imitation of Eva Lovia’s vagina. Do not waste your time and dive deep into it with your hard cock.

Eva Lovia Sugar texture

About the actress: Eva Lovia was born in Los Angeles, California. The city brings multiple opportunities for beginning actors. Luckily for all the fans, her exotic appearance and almost uncontrolled desire brought her to porn industry. She introduces an amazing blend of Japanese and Spanish features at 5’3” with perfect shapes.

Eva is well-rounded and boasts overwhelming natural beauty. This is what makes the hottie so popular. By the way, she appeared to be the first Digital Playground Star Winner back in 2015. She is famous for her freaky manner. She enjoys playing naughty as well. Would you like to try her pussy while imagining her boobs flying over you? The Sugar sex toy will do the trick.

The list is not full. You can look up for more of your favorite actresses and textures to choose the one that meets your preferences. The collection features not only precise vagina imitations but also butt and mouth copies of the hottest women on the big screen. They will do everything you want including anus sex or deep throat blowjobs.

Artificial Sleeve Usage and What Will You Feel

It does not matter if you are a professional joy seeker or a beginner. You will hardly face difficulties in using this toy for the first time. It is designed to be easy to hold with one hand. Grab the toy and do not forget to cover it with a special lubricant. As a rule, it comes in the same package with the masturbator. If not, make sure to buy it separately.

Now you are ready to get started. Put your cock inside the sleeve and enjoy the penetration! After you are finished, make sure you cleaned the Fleshlight. All you need is to take off a smaller cap and use the special cleaning powder. The main idea is to keep the material in good condition to ensure its soft and gentle qualities.

Sex toys may come in various sizes. Compact and practical shape makes it easier for you to hold the model as well as attach it to the wall or any other surface. We will talk about it a bit later when discussing “off the beaten path” methods of using pocket pussies. These goods are very simple to move in different directions. They are easy to maneuver, store or carry wherever you go.

As for the feelings, they generally depend on the model, textures, and other features you expect from the masturbator. As a rule, they feel like going inside the real vagina. Soft and realistic materials will take you to the cloud nine, while the sleeve stretches to accommodate the penis thus covering it along its entire surface. It feels much better compared to handjob, where you can only interact with less than a half of your dick.

To widen your knowledge, I have prepared a detailed description of the top 4 Fleshlights with different features and textures. You can choose the one that meets your most daring expectations.

Additional Sleeve Textures You Might Appreciate

Each and every sex toy is unique. You will never find identical products, even from the same collection. The variety of toys makes it easy for both newbies and experienced masturbator users choose the one that exceeds their sexual expectations and fantasies.

Here are some more Fleshlights that are worth paying attention to:

The Vortex – Try the Most Complex Spiral Texture

Vortex Texture

A spiral texture makes this toy series as overwhelming as never before. It comes with creases and chambers of different sizes to choose from. Strong suction and breathtaking pleasure are guaranteed.

The Wonder Wave – Ribbed Texture for Long-Lasting Orgasm

Wonder Wave Texture

It is brand’s best-selling series featuring tight channels and a ribbed texture for the most overwhelming penetration experience. A great pick for beginners and those who crave for long-lasting orgasms.

The Super Tight Butt Sleeve – Best-Selling Anus Imitation

Super Tight Butt Sleeve Texture

Are you a true tight butt lover? The series will bring you the award-winning anal sex imitation right at here. Benefit from the most realistic tight butt experience you have ever had when using Fleshlights. The name of the product speaks for itself.

The Lotus – A Softer Ribbed Texture Experience

Lotus Ribbed Texture

Would you like to take the fullest advantage of what a ribbed sex toy structure can give? Lotus and Mini-Lotus series were designed especially for you. Although the sleeve has the same structure as in the Wonder Wave series, you will benefit from a softer and gentler experience when going through. Moreover, you do not need to go as deep in order to start feeling its benefits.

The Swallow Sleeve – The Most Realistic BJ Sensation

Swallow Sleeve Texture

This texture is available in most Fleshlights from the Girls collection. The main idea was to deliver the most realistic BJ imitation including deep throat experience. Different chamber sizes will let you choose gullet mouth or throat BJ satisfaction.


Some men are looking for cheaper alternatives to branded sex toys. They opt for Chinese marketplaces in search of a more cost-effective masturbator. However, you should steer clear of such options, because Chinese substitutes can be made of chemical materials that can be detrimental to your health.

You would never like a Fleshlight stick to your dick, wouldn’t you? So, buy only branded toys with 100% safe materials and warranty. On the one hand, it will let you stay safe and sound. On the other hand, you will take the fullest of your sex toy.

Privacy and Discreetness

One would hardly appreciate neighbors or relatives to find out about his sexual games. For this reason, you need to buy sex toys from shops that guarantee 100% shipping privacy. It means that they are not supposed to deliver a huge box signed “vagina”. Always look through shipping and privacy terms before you purchase a product.

Product Prices

Saving a couple of bucks is always good news. We all search for a real bargain whenever it comes to any purchase. Toys for men are not an exception. As a rule, basic series and Fleshlights versions do not go higher than $35-$80 except the Launch series. You’d better not opt for the first digital store you come across. Compare several websites to choose the most appropriate variant in terms of prices and delivery terms.

Standard Party with a Fleshlight

A simple and fast way to penetrate:

Step #1 – Get Ready

Take the Fleshlight and warm up the sleeve. You can use hot water to soak it. It will create the feeling of going inside a real-flesh pussy.

Step #2 – Attach the Sleeve to the Case

Put the tail of the sleeve inside the case so that its bigger side swells out. Secure the sleeve with the cap to ensure it will stay in place during the session.

Step #3 – Use Lubricant

Use the lube to slick up your pussy imitation all over its length. It is better to opt for water-based lubricants instead of silicone ones.

Step #4 – Lay Down (or Stay) and Relax

It’s high time you made yourself comfortable. Find a spot where you can relax and wind down. The toy will do the rest. The main benefit of using Fleshlights is that they will make you feel good in any position. You are free to experiment.

Step #5 – Clean Up the Mess

After you are done, clean your sleeve with water or branded cleaning liquids. Whatever happens, never use soap to wash the toy for it can damage the material. Also, avoid using cleaning blends that contain alcohol.

Fleshlight Party in the Shower

The Fleshlight comes as a flexible sex toy for men seeking new emotions. You can easily mount it to the shower wall and have fun.

Step #1 – Find the Spot

The Fleshlight is available in different variations. We have already discussed some of the versions and series. The brand has an award-winning shower mount accessory that makes it easy to attach your toy to any wall. All you need is to mount the case before you start washing. The surface is supposed to be dry and clean.

At the same time, you need to keep the water based lube on the sleeve as shower water can wash it away. Select a spot that water will never reach. Keep the sleeve away from direct water spray as well as soap, shampoo or shower gel. Otherwise, the process might get painful.

Step #2 – Mont the Sleeve

The accessory comes with a rugged mount making it easy to attach the Fleshlight to almost any surface despite the material. The process is very simple. Insert the case into the mount and attach it to the wall to make all your shower dreams become a reality.

Unfortunately, the mounting adapter is available not for all products. You can use it only with Flights and Go collections. A good thing about the accessory is that it delivers a totally hands-free experience.

Step #3 – Throw a Shower Party

Once you have mounted the sleeve, you can set for an amazing sexual journey using all your imagination. Don’t forget to clean up the Fleshlight using the same method as described above.

Digital Fleshlight Party

For this particular session, you will need another accessory called LaucnhPAD. This award-winning invention delivers not only satisfaction but also visual effects during penetration.

Digital Fleshlight Party

Step #1 – Set Up the Sleeve

At this step, you will need all the necessary equipment including LanchPAD to get access to all of your favorite porn videos and images. Put all the elements together to complete assembling. A great benefit of the device is that you can use not only downloaded videos or images but also have long-distance sex with your girlfriend. Simply log in to your Skype account and set for a digital sex adventure.

Step #2 – Secure The Equipment

Make sure you keep your gear safe to prevent it from falling on the floor. At the same time, you need to hold the device so that you can easily access the buttons. Whether you need to change a website or answer a Skype call, you’ll have all the necessary tools in one place.

Step #3 – Change Content

The system lets you download tons of new videos, images of movies easily.

Proper Usage

Gentle materials call for gentle care. Well, it’s not so true for Fleshlights. So, have no worries. Taking care of your sex toys is pretty easy. The manufacturer tried to do its best to ensure you can have as many penetration sessions as you want.

Cleaning Fleshlights toys

However, you are still required to follow safe ways of cleaning your toys. Here is a simple guide that may come in handy:

  1. As a rule, you only need a splash of water. Moreover, you can additionally buy a special powder and cleaning liquids to prolong the life of your Fleshlight. Those preservation means are usually pretty affordable. So, do not hesitate to get yourself one.
  2. Always remember to keep your sleeve under the cover every time you are not using it. Moreover, you are supposed to lube the material properly. Otherwise, it will become sticky and gather bacteria.

Now, let’s see what we can do with all that stuff!

Let’s Refresh the Sleeve!

You might get bored with the traditional Fleshlight party after some time. If so, I have prepared a couple of excellentaward-winning ideas to make your sleeve entertainment more exciting and engaging. All you need is a bit of imagination to get back with new emotions.

Vital Things to Consider

Apart from texture and series, you need to take into account some other vital things to take the fullest from your future sex toy. The key factors include:

  • The material used in a Fleshlight;
  • The level of privacy and discreetness when shipping;
  • Product prices;

What Are Mens’ Sex Toys Made of?

Once you have come across a men’s masturbator, you might really think it is a traditional Fleshlight because of its shape. As a rule, a pocket pussy is about 10 inches in length and around 4 inches in diameter.

The device is designed so that you will find it easy to hold and use this toy. It will never occupy too much storage space. Feel free to keep it on the table as well as put it on the shelf or under the bed. The device consists of three fundamental components:

  1. The Inner Sleeve (actually a hole where you’re gonna put your cock in);
  2. The outer case (the section has the shape of usual product. It protects the sleeve);
  3. Caps from both cases ends that are easy to take off and put on. The first cap opens/closes the sleeve whenever needed. The second one can be used for suction adjustment;

The sleeve itself represents a combination of different materials for the sifters and gentlest experience as soon as you get to business. It is made of mineral oil of the highest quality blended with rubber polymers. The device is 100% safe for your health and ski, as it DOES NOT contain any of the following:

  • Latex;
  • Silicone;
  • Plastic;
  • Potentially Risky Phthalates;

Final Thoughts

A good thing about best items is that they are not made of plastic, as you might think. For this reason, the masturbator can appear to be a bit heavier than you expected. However, it is a sign of high-quality materials. Cheap male masturbators cannot boast the same durability and feelings. Moreover, they break down more often.

In other words, top Fleshlights will never do any harm to your health as they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You will never smell artificial materials once you have opened the cap.