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Hello, our dearest readers! We, David and Olivia, are the writing team and founders of this blog – partners in writing, love and, occasionally, crime in the bedroom). Our goal is to create the best blog dedicated to sex toys for couples and single enthusiasts of naughty games. Detailed personal reviews are our approach that you will never find at other websites.

We are more than experienced in terms of testing dozens of sex toys for women, men and couples throughout the years. David has developed a totally unique way of shopping for sex toys. Its starting point is getting familiar with the detailed reviews he wrote for this blog and other publishing agencies. Obviously, online reviews of sex toys are not exactly a groundbreaking novelty, but we strive to make them as professional and interesting as possible.

Apart from David’s personal dedication to testing, Olivia finds pleasure in checking the women’s best friends – vibrators and masturbators. She likes giving basic recommendations and care tips.

Our writing team promotes only the best products on the intimate market of sophisticated sex toys and always discourages from buying counterfeit or low-quality goods. There are many sex toys with questionable quality on the market today, and we hope that with our you will avoid these pitfalls.

So if you like to read really personal reviews describing hands-on experience with many various types of sex toys, go on exploring the blog. What is more, the authors sincerely believe that personal tests and funny comments make every review better.

In a case you have any questions related to using any sex toys mentioned here or just want to an enlightening chat, feel free to leave us messages via the Contact Form or email. Thank you for trusting us the with your most intimate problems; we hope you’ll enjoy your stay on this website!